Why Zeropoint Training?

I live in Japan and travel to Chiba monthly to train with Soke and the four Shihan. For the last couple of years I have also been training with some of the foreign instructors living in Japan. While they all have something to offer, training with Rob in the Zeropoint system has been by far the most valuable training. Why?:

1. You learn skills that enable you to isolate and then integrate movements that are fundamental to Bujinkan Taijutsu.

2. Having learned these Kihon movements, you are able to understand how Soke and the Shihan are using taijutsu and kyojitsu to affect their opponent’s balance and control the kukan. Zeropoint training provides a key to clarifying and defining the Bujinkan’s fundamental movement, giving you a structure with which to look at what Soke and his top shihan are teaching, and therefore adds value to your training in Japan.

3. You learn a series of exercises that will quickly transform your reflexes, and from that, the way that you train. Many people try to show their “feeling” of Soke’s movement, but Zeropoint training has specific drills and exercises that directly affect your taijutsu.

At first I thought that there were all these amazing coincidences occurring; I would train with Rob, then train with Soke or the Shihan, and see exactly the same points emphasized. After a few months, I realized that the Shihan were doing these things all the time.

No coincidence! I just never had the eyes to see what they were doing before, despite having trained in the Bujinkan for many years. Zeropoint training gave me those eyes.

Add value to your training! Check out Rob and the Zeropoint Dojo while you’re in Japan.

Vaughan Moir
(Japan resident and long time Bujinkan member)
December 5, 2009