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Ever been lost in a Honbu Class?

Or even just forgotten the important details that you wanted to pass on to your students and training partners when you get home?

Never feel lost in a Honbu class again with Zeropoint Honbu Insider. Get it straight from the man who was there just hours before - and has been to nearly every class for the last ten years!

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 • Weekly updates of actual techniques being taught by Hatsumi-Sensei and his top instructors.

 • A breakdown of these katas using the BUDO CODE (9 Kaname measurements) and the little bio-mechanical details that make these movements come alive!

 • A detailed explanation from authentic traditional to modern, with potential applications showing you the important points.

 • Easy-to-understand videos in a convenient format, giving you easy lessons to structure your own training to ensure progress every lesson.

 • Access to original Zeropoint training modules, helping you to structure your training in a step-by-step, logical progression.  Each module builds upon the skills acquired in the previous module, preventing many of the common mistakes made in regular, haphazard training.

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