The 2018 seminars will use "SUI NO KATA" as the vehicle to integrate Muto Dori throughout your Budo practice. Although previous attendance is not required, this seminar's theme will be a continuation of last year's focus: "CONTROLLING through MUTO DORI".

Training will focus on integrating the essence of Muto Dori into all your taijutsu, by designing your training to move beyond conscious processing, and into the realm of reflex development!

Particular emphasis during this seminar will be placed on the Sanshin movement of Sui No Kata.

We will cover:
· Fundamental Biomechanics
· Creation of fulcrum and levers
· Knife, Sword, Staff
· Close Quarters, High Speed Application
· 360° Application for Defense of Others (Juppo Sessho)
· More

March 17, 18 - Bloomington, Illinois - USA
March 24, 25 - Durham, North Carolina - USA
March 31, April 1 - Calgary, Alberta - Canada
April 6, 7, 8 - Baltimore, Maryland - USA
April 14, 15 - Concord, California - USA

To be announced