The 2018 summer seminars will cover "CONTROL" through the lens of "KA no kata", using resistance to develop YOYU, "slack" or "room to play". Showing you how to integrate the essence of Muto Dori into all your Taijutsu, by designing your training to move beyond conscious processing, and into the realm of reflex development!

With particular focus on dynamic Sanshin movement, we will cover:

- Fundamental Biomechanics
- Creation of fulcrum and levers
- Knife, Sword, Staff
- Close Quarters, High Speed Application
- 360° Application for Defense of Others (Juppo Sessho)
- and more

August 11, 12 - Orange, California - USA
August 18, 19 - Concord, California - USA
August 25, 26 - Bloomington, Illinois - USA

To be announced