Utilizing the original training methodology from our Ground Up, Core Out™ system.
With 6 critical areas of skill development:

1. Junan Taiso (Strength/Flexibility)
2. Kaiten (Solo Rolling)
3. Undosei (Maneuverability) "locomotion, agility, etc."
4. Shogeki Ukemi (Receiving Impact)
5. Atemi (Striking)
6. Muto Dori (Distancing)

Each module builds on the previous one, allowing for step-by-step progression.

As I'm interested in people achieving skill, not just having people own videos of me, you can only purchase one module above the one you are currently working on. For example: if you have not certified on Module 2, but you are Module 1 certified, you cannot purchase Module 3. So, first timers can purchase Module 1 and Module 2 only.

(Again, I don't want this to be just another set of videos for someone's collection that gets played once and never again!)

When you purchase the module you receive a downloadable video and PDF that details the movements and how I will critique them, clarifying the essential points I'm looking for.

You will then have 3 opportunities to test for certification. This can be done in person at designated times and locations, or through recorded video sent via internet. I will give feedback each time on the mistakes (if it is needed) to make sure everyone is able to internalize the skills and move forward.

The first release price of each module is currently US$100.

Format: mp4 / Duration: 47 minutes
Price: US$100
Format: mp4 / Duration: 29 minutes
Price: US$100