About Zeropoint

Budo Taijutsu is a comprehensive martial art derived from 9 ancient Japanese combat schools. Embedded within each of these 9 ryu (or schools) are principles of movement and strategy that allow a practicioner to consistently find the place of effortless freedom in the midst of conflict.

This place is the Zeropoint!

The Bujinkan Grandmaster, Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, is constantly demonstrating and explaining these principles in order to illustrate the Zeropoints within his taijutsu. At Bujinkan Zeropoint Dojo we strive to model Hatsumi Soke’s movement and methodology, using information from his top 4 Japanese students (collectively known as the "Shitennou’).

By comparing this information to modern scientific research in various fields such as: biomechanics, kinesiology, human information processing, and accelerated learning, we are able to develop drills and exercises that give us the ability to replicate this movement.

Many Bujinkan (and non-Bujinkan) practitioners from around the world have experienced training with the Bujinkan Zeropoint Dojo group and have come away with a greater understanding of Hatsumi sensei’s teachings, as well as a set of tools for rapidly integrating these teachings into their own training, as well as the rest of their lives!

You can train at the Bujinkan Zeropoint Dojo throughout the week in Japan and/or attend one of the frequent seminars given in select locations around the world.