Zeropoint Budo Summer Seminar Training Course

Not your typical seminar!!

After teaching many seminars and courses over the last few decades, I have run into the same essential problem again and again, we all have...

Information Overload...

Ever been to a seminar where, despite the excitement of learning something new (or even just taking a deeper dive into the content you've seen a time or two before), the information overload sets in by the end of the first day?

There's so much to learn in just 1 or 2 days that time flies by, and before you realize it, you're moving onto the next thing before you can do, or even truly understand, the previous steps?

Wishing you could spend just a little more time??

No matter where you are in your training, even the most highly skilled fall behind on the learning curve if the pre-requisite knowledge just isn't there. So, how do we get that pre-requisite knowledge???

A Solution:

Graduated Exposure (Real life vs Vacation:-)

A multi-seminar course taught over 4-8 weeks in a blend of live & online training that will help us get the info we need, as well as the time to work on it before moving on...

Registered attendees gain admittance to:

• 3 Online Zoom & Recorded Training Modules (for later review on your own schedule) focusing on the main pieces that will be taught during the 2 Day live events.

• 2-Day Live Event (Zoom & Recorded)

Allowing access to those who cannot travel to teach of the different Regional Events)

• A Post Seminar Online Debrief/Review with Q&A, (Recorded) with each of the hosting dojos after their event (Zoom/Recording Available)

By taking in the basic movements and ideas covered in smaller, on-demand modules, OVER TIME, you will be able to focus on the content more thoroughly and have time to practice it, allowing for unconscious integration of the pieces.

This gives you actual competence at the live events, pushing the training to a new level.

I have seen this firsthand with the seminar attendees over the years who make the effort to travel to several different locations on one seminar tour, each event they understand and CAN DO more and more, pushing their skill level to new heights.

The theme for this series is:

Controlling your attacker's perceptions

Schedule & Locations:

May 21, 22 Costa Mesa, California
Contact: Paul Harker - Ohoko Dojo

May 28, 29 Concorde, California
Contact: Jon Rodriguez - Contracosta Budokan

June 18, 19 Cottage Hills, Illinois
Contact: Brittney Keener - SHINOBI FITNESS

July 9, 10 Ocala, Florida
Contact: Rob Renner